So much more than video!

A course includes EI video, outside links, group discussion boards, reflective writing assignments and exchange of ideas through active discussion boards. You can author your own course from scratch using our LMS or you can import one of our course templates and customize it with your own content if you wish. Courses can be self-paced or facilitated by an instructor or mentor.

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So much more than video!

“It’s like Moodle but with a massive built-in video library.”

We make it easy.

Your professional development is already aligned to your teacher evaluation framework.

Easy Implementation Ideas

Start a staff meeting with an inspirational video from your favorite educational expert
Break into small groups to analyze a classroom video using your teacher evaluation rubric
Select an EI program and discuss it “book club” style at your next PLC
Choose a course as a school wide initiative and have teachers complete it during a PD (or Snow) Day!
Remind procrastinators needing continuing education…EI courses count for CEUs!
Create a series of real classroom examples for underperforming teachers to watch