NEWS July 2024

Listening and Learning

EI sponsors the EDGE Conference in Seattle where school districts using PowerSchool come together to share best practices. School districts share with EI about what’s important to them when it comes to professional learning.

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NEWS June 2024

Something for Everyone

EI adds new courses for substitute teachers, paraprofessionals, bus drivers and support staff. School districts can ensure that all school staff have meaningful courses and engaging content for professional learning.

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NEWS May 2024

Happy Administrators in Kentucky

KASA (Kentucky Association of School Administrators) wrapped up another year of online training on the Danielson Framework . Administrators loved the online format, the use of EI’s real classroom videos and engaging learning activities in the customized course created just for Kentucky.

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NEWS April 2024

Best PD Day Ever

EI designs a complete PD experience for 77 schools in Ontario, Canada. Principals lead their own school-wide trauma training using a customized PD agenda and curated videos created by EI specifically for Upper Grand district.

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NEWS March 2024

EI Creates Compliance Series

EI releases its Compliance Series to help districts meet their new compliance series featuring 20 courses that meet the state mandated compliance training of most states.

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NEWS February 2024

EI & Mission Kids Address Child Abuse

EI partners with Mission Kids and begins filming a series on Identifying and Reporting Child Abuse. The series will also include content on Grooming and Human Trafficking.

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NEWS January 2024

Teachers Needed

With many states experiencing teachers’ shortages and massive new teacher induction needs, EI expands its new teacher series to include additional video content and a broader array of topics.

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NEWS December 2023

EI Aligns its Courses to New Rubrics

Recently many states and districts have modified their teacher evaluation system or rubric. EI’s education design team has worked tirelessly to realign its courses and content to these new evaluation standards.

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NEWS November 2023

EI and DMTI to Create New PD Courses for Math

EI begins filming a new math series with Developing Mathematical Thinking Institute ("DMTI"). This exciting new online series features DMTI founder Jonathan Brendefur and numerous classroom examples and is designed to help teachers understand how to teach math differently with a focus on developing their students’ mathematical thinking skills.

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NEWS October 2023

Keep Up With Changes To The Danielson Framework!

EI updates its popular Danielson series. Districts that have updated their evaluation rubric from 2011 / 2013 version of Danielson to the newly released 2022 Danielson rubric now have new PD content that aligns with this new language.

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NEWS September 2023

EI & SC DOE Run Joint Workshop

"I cannot even begin to show all the appreciation I have for the Educational Impact team. It was just amazing to see the successful statewide workshop come together. I know our participants left with an exceptional toolbox of resources for their teachers and principals. Thank you for supporting the SC DOE and our educators!"
Sincerely,  Jenny Henke   South Carolina Office of Educator Effectiveness & Leadership Development

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NEWS August 2023

Maui Taps EI For Trauma Support

Trauma Expert Heather Forbes and Educational Impact help Hawaii teachers, administrators and students deal with the tragic events of the Maui fire. An asynchronous version of this insightful video presentation was added to the Trauma Informed Online Series in October and made available to all Hawaii educators that missed it the first time around.

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NEWS July 2023

EI Embraces Military Veterans in the Classroom

EI debuts its new online series “Transition 2 Teaching.” Through a collaboration between teacher induction experts and military veterans who have become teachers, this series was designed specially to support veterans moving from the military to the classroom. Topics include lesson planning, classroom management, instructional strategies and many more.

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NEWS June 2023

New Restorative Practices Courses Launched

After filming multiple classrooms in Colorado during the 2022-23 school year, EI releases its first course on restorative practices. This course includes numerous classroom examples that allow teachers and administrators to model best practices.

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NEWS May 2023

Positive Affirmations Improve Student Outcomes

EI contracts with Jasmyn Wright, the Delaware teacher featured in a viral Gap commercial. EI’s experienced classroom camera crew captures Ms. Wright in action and shows why her powerful classroom affirmations have a huge impact on the students she teaches.

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NEWS April 2023

New Literacy Content For Florida Teachers

EI and Polk County School District (FL) collaborate to create new classroom videos and build a series of literacy courses to meet Florida’s 40 hour literacy requirement for all reading teachers. This series is now being used across several Florida districts.

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NEWS March 2023

WGU Renews Long Standing Relationship

EI renews it contact with Western Governors University for the 13th consecutive year. Western Governors continues to expand its use of EI video content, now using thousands of EI videos in over 100 WGU courses in its college of education.

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NEWS February 2023

New Courses Ease Substitute Shortage

With districts finding it harder and harder to find qualified substitute teachers, EI develops a series of online courses specifically designed for substitute teachers with very little, or no teaching experience.

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NEWS January 2023

New Classroom Videos for Teacher Evaluation Calibration

Educational Impact and Teaching Learning Solutions continue their long-standing partnership to deliver teacher evaluation calibration. Large districts like LA Unified and Baltimore City Schools now have more classroom videos examples to choose from for their evaluator training.

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NEWS December 2022

EI & PowerSchool Improve Integration Capabilities

Customers who access EI courses though PowerSchool's' professional learning application can now access enhanced course reporting data.

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NEWS November 2022

Hawaii Provides Trauma Training To All Teachers

The state of Hawaii contracts with Educational Impact to deliver its Trauma Informed Online Academy to every teacher and administrator in the state. Approximately 295 Hawaii schools are making trauma informed care a priority.

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NEWS October 2022

EI Helps Schools Return From The Pandemic

EI launches new "Return to Learning Series". After two years of pandemic shutdown many teachers are returning to the classroom for the first time since 2020.


At Educational Impact we believe great teachers were not necessarily born with all of the skills needed to reach the pinnacle of their profession. Throughout time great teachers have developed by successfully modeling the best teaching practices of their predecessors. Our mission is to use the power of the internet and streaming video to provide our customers with unsurpassed course content that inspires them to watch (and model) the best teachers in the world.



When time, money or scheduling limits your ability to attend the live appearances of our unmatched lineup of changemakers, EI’s videos offer you the next best thing. The engaging presentations made by these national experts provoke deep and meaningful self reflection. Better yet, watching the changemakers critique actual classroom lessons is a unique professional learning opportunity you can’t experience anywhere else.

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