Professional Development

Educational Impact's Transition 2 Teaching (T2T) Academy is a series of online courses designed to support veterans moving from the military to the classroom. Through a collaboration between experts in new teacher training, elearning and veterans who are in the classroom today, courses were created that are practical and engaging.

Topics cover four domains.



Transition 2 Teaching - Introduction

Course Length: 1.5 hours

T2T1: Transition 2 Teaching - Introduction

This course will focus on "Bringing the Best, Brightest, and Bravest to the Classroom!" Throughout your assignments, you will have the opportunity to learn strategies and helpful tips on how you can transition your military skills and experience from the front lines to the classroom. Learn from fellow veterans as they explain how mentorship, collaboration, teamwork and a sense of community set them up for success.

Lesson Planning, Pacing and Backwards Design

Course Length: 5.5 hours

T2T2: Lesson Planning, Pacing and Backwards Design

Just like a military operation, planning is key. Lesson structure and pacing is key to maximizing learning time and keeping students engaged, on task, and learning. Throughout this course, you will be provided with tips and tricks for creating coherent, well-paced, structured lessons. You will learn about the importance of managing classroom procedures like transition times and material distribution and will discover the importance of planning lessons with a clear beginning, middle, and end.



Building Positive Relationships

Course Length: 4.5 hours

T2T3: Building Positive Relationships

In this course, new teachers will learn from two military veterans turned educators, as they discuss the importance of relationship building in the classroom. They will share their experiences and insights how focusing on positive relationships made a huge difference as they transitioned into their new roles in the classroom. This course is designed for veterans new to the classroom who are building the foundation for creating a classroom of mutual respect, care, and trust between students and teachers. Learn how fostering positive relationships with students will help promote enthusiasm and engagement.
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What Student Behavior is Telling You

Course Length: 3 hours

T2T3.4: What Student Behavior is Telling You

With insights from military veterans who are leading successful careers as teachers, you will be challenged to think about behavior differently. By paying attention to behavior cues and understanding that negative behavior is actually about a student's state of regulation, you can start looking at what is driving the behavior. Knowing the function of the behavior will allow you to be proactive in identifying ways to prevent future issues. Behavior is an important form of communication. What are your students trying to communicate? How can you respond to the student, not the behavior?

Positive Behavior Supports

Course Length: 2 hours

T2T4: Positive Behavior Supports

Designed for military veterans transitioning to teaching, this course explores how to use PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention Supports) to connect with students proactively. You will learn from fellow veteran, Charles Morrison, who became a teacher, administrator and PBIS facilitator after active military duty. He teaches the importance of understanding behavior as a form of communication and frontloading positive interactions with students so when you need to intervene, it can be done through a pre-established connection.

T2T5: Don’t You Dare Throw That Chair

Course Length: 3 hours

T2T5: Don’t You Dare Throw That Chair

In this course, you will view life-like classroom scenarios that show both the unproductive and productive versions of situations you might face in the classroom. These scenarios will give you a window into the classroom of other teachers to see how you can best apply trauma-informed practices to identify dysregulation, de-escalate potential conflict and respond proactively to your students' needs.
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Exceptional Teaching in Action

Course Length: 4 hours

T2T6: Exceptional Teaching in Action

Designed for military veterans transitioning into new roles in the classroom, this course will focus on characteristics of exceptional teachers. Participants will explore the qualities that outstanding teachers embody as well as practical ideas to use in the classroom that will help evolve your own teaching practice. You will get a sneak peek into real classrooms where exceptional teaching is happening and evaluate a lesson to see how the teacher in the example is measuring up. Learn from state teachers of the year and veteran, Charles Morrison, as they share their insights into how to teach, reach and inspire your students.
elementary ‐ intermediate ‐ secondary versions

Student Engagement

Course Length: 6 hours

T2T7: Student Engagement

Designed to help military veterans transition to teaching, this course provides an overview of research based instructional practices like high level questioning, critical thinking activities and project-based learning. Student engagement is not the same as student participation! Busy students are not necessarily engaged cognitively. Learn why and how to become a facilitator of learning as you move away from being a "sage on the stage" and embrace your role as a "guide on the side"".

Scaffolding and Differentiation to Meet All Learners' Needs

Course Length: 4 hours

T2T8: Scaffolding and Differentiation to Meet All Learners' Needs

What's more rewarding than watching a child with autism blossom in their learning right before your eyes? Educating students with autism is an intensive undertaking, that involves many working parts and people. This course will provide you with practical instructional strategies to use when working with your students with autism. Explore classroom modifications, constant time delay, task analysis, visual supports, social cues and more.



rofessionalism and Commitment

Course Length: 3 hours

T2T9: Professionalism and Commitment

With military veterans in mind, this course will explore the concept of professionalism. You will learn from fellow veterans who have made the transition to the classroom and seasoned educators about the importance of self-assessment, growth and passion for the teaching profession. Great teachers inspire great students. In fact, research shows that an inspiring and informed teacher is the most important school-related factor influencing student achievement. In this course, you will consider the professional commitment needed by teachers including collaboration with colleagues, ongoing reflection, positive community relationships, communicating effectively with students’ families and school-related professional responsibilities.