Cost Effective


Textbook costs and student fees for digital learning resources can add up quickly. Budgets are often strained when students add up the per course costs for undergraduate programs that require 36 courses over a four-year period. That’s why Educational Impact’s annual video library subscription is not only far less expensive than a single textbook, but also potentially usable in ALL of the courses a student enrolls in during the full year. Click here for a sample list of the college courses that currently use EI video.


EI’s Online Video Library can be purchased by colleges and universities in two different ways:

Digital Student Book Store

EI can set up a customized digital store specifically for your college or university students. The digital store would make subscriptions to the EI video library available to students who need to view digital resources assigned for a specific course. The cost and term of the subscription (typically one year) is determined by the total volume of subscriptions anticipated by the College of Education. Students purchase the subscription by using a credit card - much like they would individually purchase most other online subscription-based services.


Unlimited Enterprise License

An Unlimited Enterprise License is the most cost-effective way for Colleges of Education to purchase access to the EI video library and related online tools. The cost of an Unlimited Enterprise license would be paid directly by the college or university. Colleges and Universities that purchase an Unlimited Enterprise License can use as many video clips from the EI library, in as many courses as they please. Any student in the College of Education can access an unlimited number of videos for the courses they are enrolled in, or for term papers and other independent assignments. Any professor can infuse or create assignments that include an unlimited number of EI video clips. The cost and term of an Unlimited Enterprise License (typically one year) is determined by the total number of students in your College of Education.

Many universities that make extensive use of EI videos have experienced a net savings as they often end up eliminating one or multiple textbooks from existing courses.


If you are currently working with one of our Sales Representatives or Regional Managers, they can provide you with a customized proposal for your college or university. If you are currently not working with one of our representatives, please call or email us at and we would be happy to provide you with a price proposal to meet your needs.


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