Our History & Founding


Educational Impact ("EI") was founded by George Elias and a group of lifelong educators in 1999. EI began its corporate journey by partnering with many leading experts and educational organizations to create online professional development content. In 2001, EI was the first company to use streaming video to deliver online PD content for educators. Over the years EI has developed a robust online learning management system with a massive video library that now includes hundreds of professional development courses. Each year since its founding, EI creates approximately 40 hours of new video content specifically for teachers and administrators in K-12 schools and colleges of education. Since its founding, customer input and feedback continue to be at the heart of how EI creates new content.

In 2005, EI began filming real teachers in action in their own classrooms. This groundbreaking approach to creating online PD content gave educators a window into the schools and classrooms of the best teachers across North America. This opened a new market for EI as it began successfully marketing its large library of video content to North America’s leading Universities and Colleges of Education.

Today EI’s sole business is still the same as it was back in 1999. Our full-time camera crews continue to travel the country filming educational experts and real teachers in action. EI’s experienced video editors, graphic artists, web site programmers and instructional design staff put it all together to create engaging video content that is used in hundreds of EI’s professional development courses. In addition, countless EI videos are now directly embedded into thousands of teacher preparation courses offered by Universities and Colleges across North America.

Over the last five years EI has launched integrated offerings with a handful of successful Ed Tech companies to maximize customer access and flexibility. These unique combined applications offer enhanced tracking features and expanded "single sign on" options.