Assessments & Accountability


Unless your PD platform and content stimulate the professional curiosity of your teachers, check for understanding, and monitor completion, you are selling your teachers short. Tying course completion to your existing initiatives and accreditation motivates your teachers and administrators to use the online courses to meet their professional learning requirements. Whether it be reports for continuing education or mandatory compliance requirements, EI has the data your district needs to streamline the process and provide credits for course completion.

Multiple choice assessments are contained inside EI courses offering a level of accountability that most other course providers do not have. Now an administrator can truly know that a teacher has completed the online course and achieved a level of comprehension confirmed by achieving 80% mastery or better on the multiple-choice assessments. Learners feel a sense of accomplishment too! This does not mean that multiple choice are the sole assessments included in an EI course. Far from it. In addition to multiple choice assessments, EI courses contain a variety of other assessment types that encourage reflective writing and application of concepts learned.

If your school district uses a third-party vendor to track the face-to-face and online professional development completed by teachers, we can integrate our course completion data with your vendor. We can also create single-sign-on applications that simplify the authentication and log in process for your teachers. EI's reporting system ensures that your online PD tracking and accountability system is optimized for success.


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"The 22 Components course was broken up into segments that were easy to follow. The multiple-choice assessment at the end of each section helped solidify my understanding of the course content."

Katherine H.
Bay County Schools, FL