Engaging Assignments


EI’s innovative courses foster self-reflection through video of the best teaching practices of educators with diverse experiences and backgrounds. This intuitive approach of going from theory to successful practice helps support growth at every career stage. To achieve these goals EI courses include a wide variety of assignments including the following:


Video Assignments

The video assignments in EI courses require the user to view powerful presentations by leading authors and experts, then watch as their research-based strategies unfold in real classrooms across North America. In most cases, reflective assignments are coupled with each video requiring users to describe how the teaching strategy can be used in their own classroom or school. Each video has helpful transcripts and closed captioning for ADA compliance. Some assignments include bullet points that highlight the key points from the video.


Discussion Boards

Interaction creates a far more engaging PD experience. Each EI course has a private discussion board associated with specific assignments where teachers can reflect on what they have learned, share ideas, collaborate, and interact through multiple postings.


Reading Assignments

Courses may include insightful online articles and research-based reading requirements covering a wide range of topics. Authored by a versatile collection of global, regional, and specialized experts, these articles help users contextualize the learning experience and engage their curiosity.


Reflective Writing Assignments

The practical application of concepts learned is the key to successful classroom implementation and improved teacher practice. EI’s reflective writing assignments aim to motivate and empower the user to actively participate in their own development journey. Reflective assignments are sometimes coupled with course discussion boards to foster collaboration.


Multiple Choice Assessments

Multiple choice assessments provide a level of accountability that is not offered by most other course providers. Most of the EI multiple-choice assessments include 20 questions. Users must answer 16 questions correctly to pass the assessment. Administrators need not worry about teachers just checking the "complete" box while failing to gain mastery of the course concepts.


Other Assignments

Some EI courses contain a variety of other assignment types that offer practical work-related activities. These assignments provide "hands on" opportunities to gain a better understanding of the course concepts.


Survey Questions

Successful teachers continually reflect on their own practice and improve their skills over time. By the same token, EI continually reflects on its existing menu of courses and video content based on the valuable input obtained from its users. Feedback is paramount to creating and modifying EI’s new or existing courses. The final assignment for each EI course requires the user to provide important feedback that EI uses to determine topics for future courses and modifications and/or additions to existing courses.


Do real classroom videos make a difference? Hear from this California school.

Ray Lazano

Principal, Weldon Elementary School

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"My favorite assignment was critiquing the videos, then reflecting on what the teacher was doing correctly. Such valuable content!"

Bonnie H.
South Dakota Teacher

Trauma expert Heather T. Forbes, LCSW shares her favorite course assignments.

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"The discussion boards were my favorite part of the course. The posts from other teachers provided wonderful ideas that I will use, while also reaffirming that others struggles with some of the same things I do."

Mario Z.
Florida Teacher

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"The best assignment was the self-reflection because it allowed me to honestly evaluate my current practice and identify what could be improved."

Brandi B.
Florida Teacher

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"I loved the quiz at the end of each module to see what I remembered. What a great course!"

LeeAnna R.
North Carolina Teacher