Seamless Integration


In the EdTech industry, hardware, browsers, and applications change rapidly. If your vendor doesn’t stay updated, your course delivery system could be at risk.

To a greater degree than before, technology solutions must focus on integrating new digital tools and vendor applications with existing legacy systems and methodologies… a task that isn’t always as straightforward as it sounds. Integrating account provisioning, completion data, and digital content with your system can prove to be complicated, especially if your vendor does not have the staff, experience, or infrastructure in place to support these efforts.

With over 7200 unique URLs, EI’s video library has been seamlessly integrated with today’s popular learning management systems. Our courses can be accessed through our own proprietary learning management system, or through a single sign integration with your platform. EI’s technology engineers have completed numerous customized content integrations using a variety of protocols, including prepackaged software integration applications like Google Cloud Partner Advantage program.

EI can create simplicity and a valuable sense of certainty by successfully supporting your content integration. Whatever the need, our experienced staff can create an integrated solution that works for you.