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EI offers the world’s largest video library of professional development resources for educators. The video library covers a vast range of topics and presently consists of over 7,200 individual URLs that total approximately 726 hours of video. This library was created to meet the needs of public and private schools in urban, suburban, and rural parts of North America. Built to accommodate school systems of varying sizes and demographic / socio economic compositions, we work closely with our customers to ensure we meet their dynamically changing needs.

We are proud of our agile creation process that enables us to innovate and create new video content at a rapid pace and scale. Each year EI films approximately 40 hours of new video content to add to its current video library.

With scores of new courses and videos added every year, EI looks to create new content on the topics schools are demanding. Whether it be topics like becoming trauma informed, social and emotional learning, special education, or traditional training on how to improve your school’s literacy, EI has what your school system needs.

EI has been filming educational experts and real teachers in the classroom for over two decades. Watching these experts present their researched based findings, then critique actual classroom lessons is a unique professional learning opportunity you can’t experience elsewhere.

Our company’s success is based on our long-term investment in innovative online professional development content that have enabled us to establish long-term customer relationships.


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"I really liked the ideas on how to approach students that are dysregulated. The videos featuring the techniques to use were great."

Alison Haisman
Iowa Teacher

Anita Behrman

Anita Behrman
Vice President of Production

David Hoot

Dave Hoot
Chief Digital Content Producer

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